Bing homepage Visual Search Gallery

Couple of days back I came across a tweet from Michael Schechter, Senior Program Manager of Bing. That was very interesting, he had provided a link for Bing Homepage images searched via Bing’s Visual Search as Bing introduces its Bing homepage Visual Search gallery

Click on the above link to get Results. Else go to  and enter ‘bing homepage images’ in Search box , click on Search. And then Click on ‘Visual Search’ tab.

Bing Community has also Blogged about it.

As you know Visual Search from Bing is still in beta, it provides the search results arranged beautifully in the form of images. Already many categories of Visual Search are available. And this, Bing Home page images provides all the Bing Home Page images displayed daily on Bing.  At present it only includes images of the year 2010.



The best thing is the kind of filters it provides. You can get to see the images filtered according to  –

Countries ,  Regional groups , Categories, Sub categories, Colors, Seasons

You can sort them by date (Oldest to newest or vice versa, or by name

Editor’s Picks and many many more.  Try it to experience it.

And you can double click on any image to get more info and also you can get Zoom in option to get a bigger image, though not the size of image we get to see daily.




So if you have missed any image (you get to see a weeks collection on the Home Page) just do a Visual Search . Now you can go back through previous homepage images to see what you’ve missed or revisit old favorites

If you are not getting the results, please change the location to US from the top of the Bing Home page.


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