Hotmail Wave 4 Vs Gmail: Attachment Size Limits – Hotmail allows 10GB without cluttering the Inbox





Hotmail Wave 4 has added lots of cool new features, one of them is its attachment size limits. It has made it  very  convenient for attaching large number of images. How large, read it on, you’ll be surprised! 

Suppose you want to email and share lots of pictures. We will compare this scenario in Gmail and then in Hotmail Wave4 –

Gmail has the limit of 25MB so you may have to send multiple mails if you want to send more photos. And when sending so many pictures , you might want to select and remove some of them but its pretty hard to do so in Gmail as it does not have preview.  So all this takes lots of time in Gmail.

And the receiver in Gmail will have the option of basic preview and has to download one at a time.

And if one decides to send it via Buzz, Gmail gives the option of sending upto 1GB of photos in Picasa album but can only share with those contacts.  So this is the story of attaching photos in Gmail .


Now let us look at what can be done with Hotmail wave 4-

Hotmail optimizes the experience with the type of content being sent , such as photos or office docs.

Hotmail wave 4 now has integrated with the Skydrive , so you can send lots and lots of photos, documents or other files in a Single email.

You can send upto 200 files of 50 MB each or 10GB per email can be sent.

Hotmail provides thumbnail previews so one can easily catch a photo you do not want to be included.

It automatically creates a photo album on the Skydrive and sends a link to everyone in the email. So its not filling up everyone’s Inbox.

It works also for documents and other files too. So you can send a Big Power point presentation without any problem.

Here are some of the exclusive screenshots of Hotmail Wave 4 –





By default this online Album will be available for 90 days on Skydrive, but you can change the expiration date.





And all this is demoed in this video, A must watch video


Watch the video and decide yourself. I have been using this pre release version of hotmail Wave 4 since some time and more I use it , more I like it.

Now talking of the receiver – The receiver even if he’s on Gmail will get these photos as a great looking preview of photo album which will allow him to view a full screen  slideshow of all the photos or you can download all the original files in a single zipped file.

The received mail seen in Hotmail –


The same mail received by a Gmail user also views it in same format –


Hotmail has made sending photos so convenient, easy and beautiful.

The Slide show the receiver gets, looks stunning with color changing effects –





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6 Responses to Hotmail Wave 4 Vs Gmail: Attachment Size Limits – Hotmail allows 10GB without cluttering the Inbox

  1. Andrew says:

    Can\’t wait to try out the new Hotmail, despite being an avid Gmail user. Hotmail\’s really stepping up the game which is awesome. Love a good bit of competition :P. By the way, where you say "And the receiver in Gmail will have the option of basic preview and has to download one at a time", you do have the option to download all attachments at once in Gmail as well (where it just chucks all attachments into a ZIP file).

  2. Vasudev says:

    Yes Andrew, but I have also seen Gmail where this download all attachments option is not provided. I\’m not sure in what scenario this happens. Yes the New Hotmail is very promising with such a lots of improvements, seamlessly integrating with Skydrive has made it a big plus.

  3. Andrew says:

    I\’ve never had that happen, always had the Download all Attachments option available, even has it on the "older version" and the basic HTML version.Was there talk of Hotmail having an option to have emails in multiple folders/labels now as well?

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