Active Views – Watch Youtube videos and other contents within the new Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail has a new partner platform which will bring the content and functionality of other websites right into Inbox. Thus, it not only makes it very convenient but also saves time. This feature is called ‘Active Views’.

For example, if you get a link in your mail to a video or photo album from your friend, you can view it right within the email message itself. Hotmail recognizes the video and automatically  pulls in the description and lets you watch it right in the Hotmail. Hotmail supports this for links to many sites like YouTube, Hulu, Flickr, SmugMug, and



Just click on the ‘Play video’ and it’ll start playing without you leaving the Inbox.




Similarly for your online purchases, the tracking code mail can display the  real-time shipping status within Hotmail itself without going to the shipper’s web site.



Similarly if you receive an LinkedIn invitation. you can accept it within Hotmail.

Very convenient feature.

Check out the demo video of the Active View

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