The Answers Windows Live Forums now moved to the new look Windows Live Solution Center

Microsoft has moved its Answers Windows Live Forums category to the new look Windows Live Solution Center 


Earlier Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC) provided solutions to only Hotmail related queries but now its offering to all the Windows Live products. (Click on image to enalrge)

WLSC12 Click on image to enalrge


Windows Live Solution Center, a Community for Windows Live products and services where you can find Microsoft Certified Solutions. Post your own questions in the forums, or help others by providing your answers.

And now For Microsoft Answers has communities for Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

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23 Responses to The Answers Windows Live Forums now moved to the new look Windows Live Solution Center

  1. X-Evolutionist says:

    Thanks for posting about this forum. I posted a topic this morning: Live is very concerned abuot spam in Hotmail, as the many posts about it show. I posted about Windows Live Spaces comment spam, which the Windows Live admin is doing nothing to control… No response yet. X

  2. Vasudev says:

    Yes X-Evolutionist , I fully agree with you. All Live Spaces users are facing this. I too get lots of spam comments. I hope WL Spaces team does something. At least provide an option to allow the comments or not , receiving them in our mail.

  3. Lyza says:

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