Tip: Using png format images in Windows Live Writer

This is a small tip related to use of transparent .png format images with Windows Live Writer. As PNG support transparency, a transparent PNG is background-independent. Suppose you have a transparent PNG image and want to put it on your blog using Windows Live Writer and you insert it and it looks as shown below. This has a black background with it.


This black background is due to the ‘Borders’ option in Windows Live Writer which by default is ‘Drop Shadow’. So just choose any other option like ‘None’ (Select the picture >Picture tab in Taskpane > Borders > None) Or any other option other than ‘Drop Shadow’ . And see what you get as shown below.  The same image with transparent background which looks much better.


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16 Responses to Tip: Using png format images in Windows Live Writer

  1. Jen says:

    So many little settings dotted around. It would pay to sit and play around for a few hours and learn them all:-) Nice one, Vasudev

  2. technogran says:

    Great tip Vasudev! That\’s what I love about being on Windows Live, you never EVER stop learning new things!

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