Windows 7 RTM sign-off Video

Check out this video what happens backstage – Windows 7 RTM sign-off. This video is created by Roger, Test Manager on Windows Live, using Windows Live Movie Maker (soon to be released).

Thanks Paul Donnelly (MS) for the (link) !

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18 Responses to Windows 7 RTM sign-off Video

  1. Jen says:

    Well done. Very well done, actually. Can\’t wait to use it. I\’d like it to be available on a netbook.Possible?

  2. Technogran says:

    Yes Jen, but as netbooks don\’t have a CD/DVD drive, you\’d have to either load it onto a flash USB drive or external or something! I am sure the more techy guys will filly you in on how to do this, or of course if you haven\’t already bought a Netbook, then you will be able to purchase one once Windows 7 Netbooks are available.I have been considering doing this as I know that some of the more techy guys that I know are already running Windows 7 on their Netbooks with no problems.

  3. Jen says:

    It would just be easier to cart around! You can get a CD drive for \’em, TG. I probably will. Also, if it\’s true that you can back the whole HDD up to somewhere else, that would do nicely as a failsafe, if ya \’get\’ me!I know others who have the OS on a jump drive. I know some good people around here (in local, specialised shop) and would get their advice, first, before plunging.

  4. Vasudev says:

    Yes Windows 7 can be easily installed on a Netbook. I am running it on a Netbook with 8GB SSD. I will soon post how to do it. I installed using a Pendrive. But if one is having external DVD drive , one can connect it to USB port and install it as normally done. And yes I can say Windows 7 runs quite smoothly on Netbook (mine is bit older, its Celeron Mobile processor) Now Netbooks come with newer Intel Atom processor. So if you are planning to purchase a netbook, postpone it for sometime as Windows 7 gets released, many will offer Windows 7 pre-installed. And i\’m sure they will be quite popular. Even prices will be quite attractive.

  5. Jen says:

    That\’s what I initially planned on doing Vasudev, so, with your welcome advice, think that\’s exactly what I\’ll do:-) Lookin\’ forward to the blog.

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