Add a Bing Box to your Blogs/sites

You can now put a Search Box powered by Bing on your Blog or site. You may already have put a Search Box powered by Live Search which though provide results using Bing Engine only but its interface is of Live Search. So you can change that by putting this Bing Box.

Just go to and follow the instructions by clicking on ‘Get started’ button-


I have used advanced search box which will allow you to customize the search Box- Fill up the required details, customize its width, pane dimensions,color


and in the next step it will provide you with the code , which you can put it in your site or blog. This can be put only on blogs which supports adding script code. (EDIT: Blogs based on Live Spaces will not support as it does not support Scripting, it will strip the scriptcode if you put it, Although there’s a Bing Box on top in every Live Spaces by default, will search web/people)


After that you can see the Bing powered search box – Bing Box on your Blog-  Here you can see the Bing Box put on my other Blog meraTechPort.


You can try some query and check what results does it return. Chances are it will not return any query for your site. If your site does not appear on Bing, you can submit the URL by clicking on ‘send the address to us’ link  that appears on search result pane.


And this will not be reflected immediately and may require some time.

And that’s how you can put  a Bing Box on your blog. I hope instead of just displaying the plain search box with its orange logo, let bing put a ‘Bing’ text as default for all Bing Box like it does with Microsoft Connect and other sites .


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