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Display the ‘year’ in the Spaces Blog Post date

Last month in the Windows Live Team Blog Post – A few changes to the blog, I had suggested in the comments as- Vasudev wrote: Yes, these additions are nice and were required as ‘get help’ , ‘download Essentials’. Also … Continue reading

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How to log into Multiple Hotmail (webmail) accounts at the same time

Many a times you wanted to have your 2 Hotmail accounts window opened at the same time in your browser but you can’t as it would not allow you to do so. You had to logout of one and again … Continue reading

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21 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Check out this compilation of Windows 7 Tips & Tricks from Microsoft Partner Program. It illustrates some of the enhancements that are new in Windows 7. Download this 3 parts documents in pdf format. Each part contains 7 Tips. The … Continue reading

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