My Windows7 Swag

I am member of Microsoft Connect and do participate in testing various Microsoft products. At present I am involved in testing Windows 7 Beta as one of the main products along with some others at Connect.

So we regularly have lots of Live chats and Live meetings with Microsoft Products Team members. This is the best part, where else can one have the opportunity to interact with these experts who are involved in developing such great products. During such chats we discuss various queries, suggestions and all these are answered by these Products Experts.

Recently during one of such Windows7 Live chats,  I had won a prize for the ‘Best Suggestion’ . From time to time one gets goodies for “Best suggestions’ , ‘Best Question’ etc put up during the Live Chat. So its all fun mixed with Experts talk. And last week I received the Windows7 Swag. They sent a Windows7 USB Aquarium, Bobble Pen and a Notepad. Here’s a screenshot :


Thank You Windows 7 !!!

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8 Responses to My Windows7 Swag

  1. Jeremy says:

    I wish they would send \’Best Suggestions\’ to us when we suggest something really good via the feedback page. 😀

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