Live Search and Oscar Awards

In few hours, 81st Academy Awards – Oscars will be announced. Many of us will be searching more information about the nominee. In how many categories Slumdog Millionaire has been nominated ? Who else are there in those categories? A.R. Rahman is nominated against whom?  And many such questions. And you don’t have to waste time searching and scanning from bunch of site summaries. Just go to the Live Search  and type Oscars to get all the nominees related links. And after the awards you can again come back and search for Oscar winners and you will be given every information about the Oscar Winners.


Check out and find out all about Oscar nominations, winners etc.

But again these Live Search has been optimized for United States and you will not get the same results if you are searching from other countries. So make use of this link wherever you may be. I hope soon Live Search Team address this issue.

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5 Responses to Live Search and Oscar Awards

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