Windows Live ‘What’s New’ Sidebar Gadget

In the new Windows Live, one of the best things is the ‘What’s New’ available at, where you can get the latest updates from Windows Live and other web activities of your network. This is available when you sign-in to your Just now I came to know from Angus Logan’s Blog about Windows Live What’s New Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista. Using this gadget one can get all the ‘What’s New’ feed on your desktop. You can receive real-time updates on what your friends are doing, when your friends uploaded new Photos, posted comments, posted new blog posts, what your friend has twittered and many many more web activities across multiple social networks right from your desktop.

Get the Windows Live ‘What’s New’ Sidebar gadget (Beta) from the Windows Live Gallery now ! Just download and install it to get it into your Vista Sidebar.

Wnewgadget1z Wnewgadget2z

Once you sign-in with your Live ID –

Wnewgadget4z Wnewgadget3z


And if you Undock it from Sidebar, you can view full post


Scroll delay can be set from the options, looks nice when the updates gets scrolled. Also you can go back/forward with the buttons provided. At top it still says Windows Live Beta, so this was created when  Windows Live was in Beta, So expect to remove the Beta tag in the next ver. of the gadget which itself is in beta. The major portion of the work in preparing this gadget was done by summer interns from 2008, informs Dare Obasanjo.

Now talking of New Windows Live, If you haven’t yet checked the new Windows Live’s, check it now.


The Best thing about ‘What’s New’ feed is the level of control to manage these updates:



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7 Responses to Windows Live ‘What’s New’ Sidebar Gadget

  1. Satish says:

    Very good one……

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