Get photographed with your clone using Windows Live Photo Gallery

You all must have used ‘Create Panoramic photo…’ option in Windows Live Photo Gallery for creating stunning panoramas of sceneries or city’s skyline etc. People normally use this option to create a landscape prepared by stitching 2 or more photos. This option has been one of my favorite features and have been using since the start of Photo Gallery.

Today I will tell you to make use of this option in a different way, for something different.

How about using this option for creating a clone? Yes, you can do it. You can get photographed with your clone. Or you can take your friend’s photo with his/ her clone. Let us see how it can be done.

Take a normal photo featuring a person , as shown below.  It’s a normal photo, btw he’s my cousin Akhilesh sitting on the ground playing veena, a musical instrument.


Now take another photo of the same person in a different position as if he’s talking or looking at his earlier photographed position. make sure he is standing in a somewhat farther place in line with the earlier position and portion of this photograph is overlapped with the earlier taken photograph. Please check the next photo to understand this.


As you can see in both the above photographs the door portion is getting overlapped. This is necessary for working of ‘ Creating Panoramic photo..’ option as it stitches the photographs together. Also note in the second photograph the person is gesturing as if he is talking to person in first photo. This makes it more natural.

Now open these photographs in Windows Live Photo Gallery and select these 2 photographs. You can drag the mouse around these 2 photographs keeping pressed the left mouse button to select these together. Or you can select one by clicking the mouse over one and keeping the ctrl key select the other one , so that both gets selected.

Now keeping these photograph selected click on Make > Create panoramic photo….


Rest will be taken care by the software and you will see both the photographs getting stitched together into single one as shown below. You  can use the crop option to trim the photograph from above and below, if needed.


As you can see Windows Live Photo Gallery has done a perfect job stitching the 2 photographs. And the person seems to be talking with his clone. So how was the trick ? Hope you liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my cousin Akhilesh too.

You can make use of more than 2 photographs but remember to overlap each photograph and you will get a perfect photograph with your clone. May be, it may require a little bit of practice and imagination. Also you can wear different dresses for different photographs making it more authentic. Its total Fun, try it out now!! 

So what are you waiting for, get the latest ver. of Windows Live Photo Gallery wave3 beta from  and try other new features also.

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27 Responses to Get photographed with your clone using Windows Live Photo Gallery

  1. Marcus says:

    That is very cool! 

  2. Docextreme says:

    WOW that\’s a great feature I have not use the Panoramic photo yet but I think I will try using it to see how it works..Windows Live, Is doing a great job with all the new items they have been adding I am amazed:) Thanks so much for this info

  3. Docextreme says:

    I try to download the photo gallery but for some reason I keep gettingthis error message.There was a problem installation of this software (Code 0x800ffff  Catastropic failure then it will not proceed to download.

  4. technogran says:

    Hey what a brilliant idea! I will certainly try this!

  5. Vasudev says:

    Thanks Marcus , Technogran for the comments.

  6. Vasudev says:

    Docextreme, you can get the latest ver. of Windows Live Photo Gallery (which is in beta) has many more new features and you can get it from make sure you have the latest ver. of Windows Installer installed in your system . You can try it from Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable.Many of the installation errors are caused by not having the proper version of installer. I am not sure about the particular error you have stated but you can give this a try.

  7. Abhishek says:

    this is a wonderful tip! a very cool way of using an equally cool tool.
    i think i am going to create my clones doing some interesting stuff very soon.
    thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Vasudev says:

    Thanks a lot for your comments, Abhishek. It feels good if anyone likes it. Comments gives lots of encouragement.

  9. Akhilesh says:

    It\’s nice to see your article here! It is always a wonderful thing to be a volunteer for the photo shoot! And of course WLPG rocks!

  10. Docextreme says:

    vasudev, Thank you for the tips on downloading it work just fine. I will try playing with the photp gallery when I get a chance…

  11. Ron says:

    This is an interesting use of the Panoramic stitcher. Does one need to take all photographs from the same perspective location, only altering the camera\’s view, or would the camera position be physically moved, laterally, to take subsequent photographs? I guess I\’ll have to experiment and see which works best…

  12. Vasudev says:

    This photograph was taken without physically moving the camera but only
    swiveling the camera. The camera was put on the tripod. But you can
    surely take the photo by moving the camera physically and it should be
    taken care that some portion of pictures are getting overlapped for

  13. Brandon says:

    This is awesome! I am so going to try this. I wonder if I can fit like 5 Brandon\’s in a single image.

  14. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    I agree this is awsome. Wow. Thanks . Thanks for the Invitation also.
    I have to try this.

  15. Vasudev says:

    @Brandon, nice to know that you liked it. I think, yes, you can fit 5 Brandons :), try it let us know how it has come. Can @everyone share their link here, about how they tried this trick, how they created their clones.

  16. Vasudev says:

    Thanks Lisa, glad to know you liked it. Getting compliments form an amateur photographer is really nice. Please share the link after you have tried this trick.

  17. Docextreme says:

    Hello everyone I have a question if you don\’t mind.Is there anyway for me to keep just my Introduction on the main page? What I am asking it can I make my first post a sticky?I notice every time I add a new blog I push my first down I am not sure if I am post incorrectly of there is a setting I am missing. Thank you for any help on this..Rob

  18. Vasudev says:

    @Docextreme, sorry I didn\’t notice your query earlier. If you want to keep your Intro on the main page, then you can use the \’Profile\’ which will always be displayed. But if you want to display above the blog posts, then yo can add a \’Custom HTML\’ module containing your intro. But these 2 options will be useful only while using Spaces, these may not be shown when you switch to blog. If anyone can add some other methods of doing this, that will be nice.

  19. Satish says:

    This is a great tool ………and thanks for the post.

  20. Vasudev says:

    Hi Satish, indeed WL Photo Gallery is a superb tool. Also try this trick, you will enjoy it.

  21. Joan says:

    WOW! We\’re facin8ted.

  22. Jen says:

    That does it! I\’m off to see if I\’ve got \’Gallery\’, then I can have a play. It all seems so simple. Good blog, Vasudev

  23. Vasudev says:

    Thanks Jen. You should try this , you will surely enjoy. And Windows Live Photo Gallery does lots more. You can tag your photos, it recognizes faces, so you can tag them with names and once tagged, you can search, arrange photos according to a person. So facial recognition is another good feature. You start using it and you will become familiar with its lots of features. Its a part of Windows Live Essentials which also has other great other Apps, you can try them too like Movie Maker. And all are FREE. You can get them from You can check some of the features of Windows Live Photo gallery at!ACAA9A3B4D2792FE!371.entry?ccr=846

  24. ©LarryEº says:

    Wow, Vasudev, what a brilliant idea. Can\’t wait to try it myself. Remembering all my photos, I can think of hundreds that this will work with. Thanks for sharing your "tricks" with us.

  25. BigJoe says:

    This is mindboggeling to a person like myself who comes from a slower paced world. I am deeply impressed by it and yet I have a concern. We seem to have come from " seeing is believing" to "seeing is deceiving". I use this broad statement to hopefully illustrate more clearly the nature of my dilemma. How does one amass and then distill information in order to reach a reliable conclusion in a \’timely\’ manner.

  26. Vasudev says:

    Thanks ©LarryEº Justme ! Nice to know you liked it. After trying out, pl. share how the pics have come out.

  27. LongHairSteve says:

    Vasudev – Ten years ago I made a pan inside a bar with my pool partner in 3 places of one pan pic. The bar has since burned down, and my friend, Jerry Xerces, died years before the burn.BigJoe – With Digital Photography, there is no more truth absolutely varifiable in pictures or video. With layers and watermarks there is a business to stop illegal copies of copywright pics, and determination of later altercations. (Now, consider the protests in Iran as a possible CIA fake!)

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