Use any e-mail address for Windows Live ID

I am posting this as this is what I have observed. Many people still think that for using Windows Live ID services and to sign in to any Windows Live ID site, one has to have mail address from or This is not correct as one can use any existing e-mail address from any e-mail provider but you first have to set it as Windows Live ID for such e-mail addresses. That is first you have to create your sign in credentials. So let us see how its done, For example say you want to use your Gmail as Windows Live ID and you want it to use for Windows Live Messenger.

Go to or just  which will take you to the link. Scroll down to “Sign Up Today” > “Use an e-mail address you already have” > And click on the link Get started now. This link will open up a Create Credentials page. Just fill up with your Gmail address you want to use and set password. This password may not be same what you had given for Gmail address while registering it. Fill the form completely and Press Continue. So this creates your credentials for Gmail.

After that you will get two mails sent to your Gmail address. One will to “Confirm your e-mail address for Windows Live ID”  and the other mail “Welcome to Windows Live ID”. So once you confirm your e-mail, you are ready to use your Gmail as Windows Live ID.

Here  you can see I am signed into Windows Live Messenger with my Gmail as Windows Live ID.


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15 Responses to Use any e-mail address for Windows Live ID

  1. Marcus says:

    Great post!  Thanks, vasudev.  I agree this is something most people don\’t know and you\’ve done a great job of explaining it.
    Best regards,

  2. Vasudev says:

    Microsoft should also promote this in better way. And also there should be something plus when one uses email IDs from or , So that one also prefer and signs for these email IDs.Thanks Marcus for your comments.

  3. Jim's Queenie says:

    Thank you for explaining this so well.  When I go to use it, I hope then I will understand what I am doing as I am not computer savvy at all.
    Best Regards also,

  4. Vasudev says:

    Thanks Vicki.

  5. amanda says:

    Good info; however, this needs to be promoted a lot better since the only people that can read this (if they clicked on the ad) is if they had a hotmail account and was checking their mail (like me). Ads need to be everywhere to spread the word and invite mroe people to participate in MSN Messenger. I live in the USA and many of my friends use AIM mainly because everyone else seems to be using it in the USA ..AND.. because they dont want an additional email address. HELP MY FRIENDS CONVERT OVER TO MSN!! haha.

  6. Vasudev says:

    Agreed, Amanda. I will also add, MS is doing a good job by putting Live product users posts on and in ads with Hotmail thus reaching millions of people and encouraging us to blog more.

  7. Vasudev says:

    Thanks Marcus, Windows Live Clubhouse! Now I can see this post getting advertised on Hotmail. This will surely make many people aware of this. Windows Live and Its products are simply cool.

  8. Unknown says:

    well am happy for all of you who commented so far but i must disagree totally with everything.i did not understand any of the original post, cannot make sense out of anything on the picture that is part of the postand do not understand anything about windows live, never have since i began getting posts and ads about itand have no idea how to get a messenger account and even tried once many weeks ago with no luck and no i do not remember anything about what i did to try… i just followed directions that came from windows or hotmail or whoever was sending all the info out … i remember that i had some kinda instant messenger about 6 or 7 years ago and it was ok tho i quit it out of frrustration and got tired of being harassed by it (no i dont remember any of the details) but now i cannot find any way to sign on to any form ofr instant messenging when i have been asked to do so by numerous folks online and in groups and chatrooms and so forth.  oh well.watersotr

  9. Unknown says:

    funny that my eddress did not show up in my previous post, in spite of the words "kemail address will be displayed"if it matters… maybe somebody out there thinks that he or she can explain or instruct me… btw at work i am considered one of the more computer savvy people on the job and i explain and fix things regularly (tho compared to the IT folks i am dumber than shit)… but at home trying to do such simple things i just get too confused and overwhelmed.oh and up there above it has a check next to "use my profile information"  what profile, what information, why is that checked?  i will uncheck it just because i do not trust things when they have not been explained or even identified first.oooh and when i unchecked it i see that somehow somewhere someone assigned something called a blog web address.  what is that and why and who gave who permission to assign it to my post and etc???watersotr

  10. Unknown says:

    and why does my email eddress keep not showing up?it is if anyone is interested.

  11. Unknown says:

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