Revamped with Community content

Recently website has been re-launched with cool new look and lots of great contents . The revamped was launched on 4th Aug.The site has a better and cleaner look on the lines of and Not only looks but the new site has lots of other contents contributed by the members. So its the community members creating much of the site’s content showing how they are using various Windows Live services. They are sharing their experience, tips, stories, How-Tos about various Live services. Its providing customers a voice. So its a community driven site.


This new blogger community is called the Clubhouse which is integrated within It pulls content directly from community members’ Windows Live Space. The members post to their Space and tag with the appropriate tags.


The community decides what content goes up on as it votes and rates the content created by members and content. So a member gets various Clubhouse badges according to his points.


You can find out more details about how this community was built.Those interested in contributing  can join the Windows Live Clubhouse by requesting the access.

Each member whose content gets pulled from their Windows Live Space for,  a special page is created to highlight that person and their contents. I am a Charter member and my posts from my Live Space which was started specifically for this is updated to bring in any new content to Clubhouse.


You can know these bloggers and see what they are posting.


At the new people can explore different Windows Live services and applications. There are separate pages for each Windows Live Product highlighting what the product is all about. The site is pleasure to explore with its clean looks. I specially like the touch given to it by hand drawn sketches at various places. Its fun to explore.




Check out Now the cool new and its community driven content providing customers a voice!

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